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Group Holidays in Alvor, the Algarve

If you are demanding when it comes to making the most of your leisure plans, groups staying at the Pestana Delfim will be fully content with the fun suggestions coming their way.

Whenever your group is in Alvor, be sure to explore the picturesque surroundings and passageways that compose this little town.  Make sure you visit a number of traditional restaurants and savour the many delightful options that define this region’s gastronomy.

A number of fun folk festivals and events may occur during your stay too. Be sure to get in touch with this region’s music, dance, and arts and crafts. This will definitely be a great way for groups to understand the true culture of the locals and might just become one of your most cherished holiday experiences.

At the Pestana Delfim, a range of activities may be enjoyed by groups such as painting, hiking, walks, cooking lessons and more (free of charge). However, groups who are in search of more exhilarating diversions are also in luck.

Make the best of the facilities provided at the Três Irmãos Beach for some real beach fun -  pedal boats, jet skiing, banana boats and so much more may all be enjoyed! A number of water parks are located nearby and are undoubtedly, great places for families and friends to live some real fun in the sun.

If you prefer to have “your feet on the ground”, going on a quad bike tour is a fantastic choice.  Horseback riding is another fine option for groups who are fond of trying new experiences.

Boat rides are one of the most appreciated leisure options requested by groups. Making a stop at Silves, groups will have the chance to wander around to get to know a bit of this setting too.

The estuary is an important part of this fishing town and deserves the attention of all its visitors.

Known mostly for its highly respected bird sanctuary, this estuary also holds countless natural habitats and species.